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Ranggaswara Prasetya

Class of : 2008
Major : Business Management
Concentration : Business

In the last couple of years, we have been hearing the word “start-up” frequently. A start-up company is a form of entrepreneurial journey which is emerging and fast growing. These companies aim to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service. We tend to relate it with e-commerce or digital industry.


To provide you with insights, we want you to meet Ranggaswara Prasetya (Finance 2008). He started his career in big corporation and he made the leap to work in a start-up company. He is now the Vice President for Product Lead Awan Tunai under PT SimpleFI Teknologi Indonesia. Rangga’s journey is interesting so let’s get better acquainted with him.


Rangga and Prasetiya Mulya

Rangga told us that he wasn’t academically bright as a high school student but he already found his passion for business. Can you imagine a teenager having his own clothing business? He sold his products through Kaskus. Being who he was back then, he just knew he wanted to continue his study in business.


With that interest, Rangga began searching the best business school and Prasetiya Mulya was on top of the list. He asked about our school to his parents, uncles and aunts. Fortunately, his mother’s brother is an alumni of the graduate program. They told him that it is a very good school. Rangga was more assured after coming into our information session. He met one of the students who already started his business. He then believed that it was possible to have a business as a student.


Despite his strong will admitting himself into our school, he still took part in the national university admission test and other private universities. Surprisingly, Rangga is a very loving son to his mother. Having a mother who is a doctor, it is normal that she wants her son to be a doctor too. At the end, he successfully explained to his mother that he would be responsible with his choice. So, it was the beginning of his journey in Prasetiya Mulya.


When he was required to choose a concentration, he decided on Finance. “I knew that Finance was a challenging option but that was why I took it. I believe that Finance is the basic of everything. If we talk about Marketing, we must know firsthand the financial condition; for example, comparing the financial situation with targeted profit. Even though I am passionate for business, choosing Business Management as a concentration wasn’t an option because I won’t go in-depth about finance.”


Rangga felt satisfied with the learning process he had in Prasetiya Mulya. He believes the competitive environment is the most impactful for him because it helped him always to become better. Besides many projects, Rangga aimed to win various competitions and he also received scholarship from our school. Subsequently, it would be the balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Other experience that molded Rangga as he is now is organization. He joined Student Board on his second year as staff of Public Relation division and he became the coordinator of Personal Development division on the third year. Rangga emphasized that organizational experience brings positive impact for your career. “If we’re talking about working, it is not only about good delivery but we need to be able to lead and persuade others. We can learn it from organization.”


Rangga’s Career Journey

Knowing how passionate Rangga is with business, we wondered how he ended up working in a company. Getting closer to the end of his study, he began thinking about a career since he realized that he needed capital to start a business. He also wanted to learn how to run a company therefore he planned to work for 2-3 years at maximum.


Has it ever occurred to you that some companies organized competition to find their future talent? Rangga was very active participating in various competitions. His highlight was winning the national P&G ASEAN Business Challenge and he represented the country as Team Leader in the International Final of P&G ASEAN Business Challenge. From this achievement, he received his first career offer. Yet his path led him to another option.


Rangga took part in mock interview prepared by Career Development Center. At that time, he got Astra International. From the interview, he was asked whether he was really interested to join the company. Knowing how big the company is, Rangga confidently said yes. Subsequently, he went through the recruitment process and he started working six month prior graduating.


Rangga joined Astra International as a Management Trainee in 2012. The program was two years with several on-the-job trainings (OJT). His first placement was in Daihatsu in the Marketing department. He told us that he was responsible for Sirion, Xenia and Copen for four months. The promotion that he planned was successful. Afterwards, he was assigned in Astra Credit Company (ACC) in Human Resource department. His specific task was Organization Development. Rangga managed man power planning and productivity since they have many branches. His work needed many data analysis.


Since the MT program run for two years, Rangga’s third placement was in Astra International headquarter in Risk Management and Internal Auditor. The knowledge he gained in campus was useful. As an Internal Auditor, he was responsible in auditing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and as for Risk Management, he needed to review the risk of a strategy and what the mitigation is.


Rangga’s final placement was back in Daihatsu in Product Planning. He conducted survey to find out what kind of car needed by people. Once he gathered and concluded the result, he planned the product with the team. After he finished his MT program, he was assigned in the same division. Rangga managed to contribute to the team for a year.


When he was still working, he began making his dream come true. He started a business with his friends. He opened Mansion Barbershop in Kelapa Gading and the result was beyond his expectation. Subsequent to his success despite the prestige working in Astra International, he submitted his resignation. It is no surprise, knowing how he loves challenges and how aspired he is to become an entrepreneur.


He focused with his business and after four months, Rangga encountered fellow Prasmulyan who was working in Go-Jek. “We were just chatting and he asked me to work in Go-Jek. Honestly, I was a bit bored with corporate life but he kept persuading me, saying that it wouldn’t feel like the common office. Deep down, I was interested because I have been using Go-Jek service. I talked to the drivers and I found out that they were now able to send their children to school. It made me question how a business can have that kind of social contribution. He then recommended me to his boss and I had an interview.” Rangga told us that the recruitment process was very quick.


His first placement was as Operation Manager for Go-Food. He told us that at the beginning he was responsible to train the drivers on how Go-Food and Go-Mart works. He created an SOP related with customer service. He added that working in Go-Jek provided him the freedom to do what he considered right for the business. Rangga also implemented the zen-desk system in managing customers’ complaints.


Just within six months, he was promoted to become Product Manager of Go-Tix. His performance was appreciated by the Product Directors especially for his success in creating Go-Shopper for Go-Mart. His responsibility was bigger remembering that product managers are the core of start-up business. “As a product manager, I was in charge of creating the application: starting with understanding what user needs, pain points and goals, create product vision, data analytics and develop the mockup and finalize User Interface Experience (UIX). It also meant that I must ensure that the design is user friendly. I also supervised the developer until the application is ready. It was challenging but it was so much fun.”

Again, Rangga’s work and contribution resulted in another acknowledgment by Go-Jek Directors. He was again promoted to Product Owner of Go-Tix and 2 new products that he didn’t disclose to us. His responsibility was managing the development of three Go-Jek products, including integration, business intelligence, operation, business development, and marketing.


What he loves about working in Go-Jek is that they gave him the responsibility and freedom to learn and explore. He could do what he thought was right but when the result was dissatisfying, he wouldn’t be blamed for it. Instead, he would be challenged to think of another option. The friendly working environment was also another reason.


After two years in Go-Jek, Rangga felt the need for another challenge. You really can’t underestimate the power of networking. Rangga received an offer from his former colleague. He is now the Vice President, Product Lead of Awan Tunai. He explained that it is also a start-up. The product is a platform for digital loan. The target will be greater over time.


Despite the need for new challenge, Rangga told us his reason for moving to a new company. “Basically, it is motivated by my big passion on becoming an entrepreneur. It is such an honoring opportunity. They give me big responsibility and trust. I now manage Awan Tunai’s business process from A to Z: product development to marketing.” In his current role, Rangga communicates closely and directly to the board of directors. With that kind of exposure, he is now thinking more strategically. The added value of his current role is that he has flexible working hours and he can work from anywhere he wants.


“I always believe that we shouldn’t be thinking like the majority. We should have our own ambition. It would be unsettling for some people though. I am highly confident on the product I am developing and also the people I work with. I really want Awan Tunai products to have big impact to society, especially for farmers and fishermen.”


We must know by now that Rangga’s long term plan is becoming an entrepreneur. Yet at the moment, he focuses on becoming the Product Director of Awan Tunai. He is working hard to prove his performance and readiness for his targeted position. Besides business and advancing his career, Rangga also plans to continue his study. He is aspired to take MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree outside Indonesia and hopes to receive a scholarship too.


Digital Industry in Rangga’s Point of View

Rangga envisioned that the industry will continue to grow. Regarding this growth, he shared with us his view that our future is affected by five closest people. He perceives the digital industry is filled with young and highly creative persons. Most of them are working hard and want to be given big responsibility to prove that they are capable. He added that you will meet many high achievers and competitive people. Therefore, it will be a reason not to be lazy.


Most start-up companies recruit these types of people. What matter most is your performance not how long you have been in the company. If you are doing great, your career may advance quicker than others. Therefore, the career path is clear as long as you prove your skill and capability.


Working is the digital industry is challenging. As for Rangga, he is very happy doing what he does now. The concern if you decide to be a part of fast paced industry is getting left behind. Rangga advises to continue learning and enhancing the social skill. It will also require high discipline because you will be working under minimum supervision.


When there are challenges, it also means opportunities. The career opportunities are big since the industry is booming and there are more and more people interested to work in it. The other good news would be that the digital industry is very open to fresh graduate. The lack of qualified candidates means the company will be willing to value the future employees highly. “You will have a hard time to distinguish between the fresh graduates and the experienced staffs. The environment will allow us to discuss with all level. I believe that this grooms the fresh graduates. They will develop their thinking and ameliorate their presentation skill. If you want to work in digital companies, you will need to be innovative and daring. You also need a strong will for continuous learning. You must be respectful and start to eliminate the feeling of superiority.”


Rangga’s Words of Advice

Having approximately five years of working experience, Rangga shared with us the different feeling he has encountered. “For me, studying in Prasmul is similar to working in start-up companies. Back then, if we have a concept, we thought only of the idea. We didn’t really understand how it would be in the real world and what the impact would be. When you work, you need to have thorough consideration whether your idea is executable.” Once you start working professionally, you must have your own target.


Rangga advises students to actively take part in organization and business competition. He said that it is not solely about the technical skills but your interpersonal skills. From his organization experiences, Rangga learned how to lead people and how to make others appreciate us. He added that your communication and presentation skill will enhance too. He told us that many great ideas weren’t executed due to the bad delivery. As for participating in competitions, Rangga believes that it will build your competitiveness. It also allows you to meet people of your kind, not to mention broadening your network.


You may see Rangga’s achievements inspiring but it is his journey that molded him to become who he is now. He admitted to us he wasn’t a bright student in high school. He has faced tough problems in his younger years that made him a bit delinquent. Yet he had his turning point. He is grateful for his loving mother and younger sisters who have opened his eyes. From that moment, he became a better person. He is determined to set a good example for his sisters. He is also thankful that he enrolled in our school. “I learned to be better in campus. I was shy but being required to present all the tasks, I am more accustomed to speaking in public. Not to mention having many high achiever friends. It drove me to prove my capability.”


Ending our conversation, Rangga left us with inspiring words. “I will repeat that we shouldn’t be thinking like the majority. We should have our own ambition. Believe in this: you only fail when you stop trying.”


We shouldn’t be thinking like the majority. We should have our own ambition. Believe in this: you only fail when you stop trying.


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