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  Faculty Member
Faculty Member
Name : Ade Febransyah, Ph.D.
Teaching Subject : Innovation, decision analysis, operations and supply chain management
Email : afebran@pmbs.ac.id
Profesional Experience :
Ade Febransyah is the faculty member at  Prasetiya Mulya Business School. He earned a Ph.D. degree at North Carolina State University; an M.S. degree at Oklahoma State University; and a B.S. degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

He is the former Associate Dean for Research & Cooperation at the school. At Prasetiya Mulya, he is the founder and chairman of Center for Innovation Opportunities and Development  (CINODEV), a research center focusing on identifying and developing new opportunities in innovation.  As the principal researcher,  Dr. Febransyah initiates and conducts cutting-edged researches on innovation value chain, innovation diagnostic, product decisions, and supply network design.

His scholarly works have been published on peer-reviewed accredited journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Febransyah is also a regular columnist for top-notched magazines and newspapers in the country such as SWA, Warta Ekonomi, the Jakarta Post, Kompas, Kontan, Koran Tempo.  He authored  a non-fictional book ‘Menikmati Ketidakpastian: Tahapan Kritis dalam Mendesain Kesuksesan’ (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2009) and published the editorial books called ‘Prasetiya Mulya on Innovation’ (Prasetiya Mulya Publishing, 2010) and '50 Business Essential Ways to Win Competition' (Prasetiya Mulya Publishing, 2014).  'Prasetiya Mulya on Innovation' is the first-ever book on innovation published from a business school in Indonesia.         
In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Febransyah has also spent many hours on training and consulting services to prominent companies including Pertamina, Bank Mandiri, Pertamina Lubricants,   Kalbe Group, Triputra Group, Bank Syariah Mandiri, BCA, KKG, Tempo Group, Sinarmas,   and many more.
Education Background :
  • Ph.D. , Edward P Fitts Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA (2001)
  • M.S. , School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Oklahoma State University, USA (1994)
  • B.S. , Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (1988)

Experiences as a speaker in public: Conference, Seminar, Guest Lecture, Plenary & Annual Speech:

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  8. Febransyah, A. (2011),Green Innovation for a better tomorrow: Opportunities and Challenges, Green Business Conference, Jakarta, November 30.
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Research Faculty :

Peer-reviewed Journals:

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Conference Proceedings:

  1. Febransyah, A., Tharia, F. (2013),”Determining the product rightness at the conceptual stage: A case of green cars”, 2nd ICAIA, Bogor, 16-17 September.
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